ROD ORIGINAL DESIGN of Switzerland watches combine high quality finishes with a strong design, always affordable and while being comfortable to wear.

ROD ORIGINAL DESIGN of Switzerland continually creates unique collections of watches, with a strong identity. Quality of work, care of the materials, attention to details and customer satisfaction are the fundamental values of the brand.


Your watch is the creation of Rodolphe, the international designer to the successful career. Today, as head of his own Design Studio, he advises the great names of the watch industry. Without knowing it, you have certainly worn one of his creations.

Your ROD ORIGINAL DESIGN of Switzerland watch is unique: the shape, the elegant finishing, the exclusive screws and the originality of its crown protection, make it an exceptional watch.

Soft to your wrist, soft to your eyes, its large opening invites you to plunge into your watch and get lost in the reliefs of the dial.

The dials and the bracelets of the watches are available in a rainbow of refined and fashionable colors.

The care paid to creation, design and realization of your watch will offer you permanent pleasure and satisfaction.

These details unceasingly give a renewed aspect to your watch. Whether day or night, it’s always suits your style, thanks to its harmonious design and its luxurious completions.

Your watch ROD ORIGINAL DESIGN of Switzerland is just as unique as you. At your wrist, it is transformed in an object of desire…


The work is measured by the result of the product: although, it required innumerable hours of reflexion and efforts, the design of your watch remains simple, pure and limpid.

The choice of components and the finishing details are criteria which make you appreciate the attention paid to the realization of your watch ROD ORIGINAL DESIGN of Switzerland.

The material used for the watch is medical stainless steel 316L.

Its composition confers exceptional qualities: extremely resistant, anti-allergenic and anticorrosive constitution. This steel is used for the medical tools and by the large Swiss watch brands.

Movements come from one of the best known Swiss factory. It manufactures our movements with the biggest care, just like for the famous names of the Swiss industry.

The bracelet is made in Silicone which is naturally anti-allergenic and comfortable to wear. The colors are obtained from lead-free natural dyes.

The sapphire crystal glass is very resistant to scratches and almost timeless. The antireflection treatment optimizes the reading of the dial, whatever the light or sunlight may be.

In the center of these major components, the face of your watch is composed of a dial made in “terrace”, with faceted watch-hands, treated with super-luminova, allowing the reading in the dark.

Last but not least, your watch reflects light in unexpected ways: the variations of treatments and finishes allow you to discover unceasingly new sides of your watch.

The water resistance of your watch is guaranteed by its screw-in crown, tested for a water resistance to a pressure of 5 atmospheres.

Thanks to the quality of the components and to the care taken to fabrication, all the watches have a warranty for 24 months against any manufacturing defect.